Frequently Asked Questions

What are Beebombs?

Beebombs are handmade seedballs, made from native Wildflower seeds, local clay and sifted compost. Almost all of our seeds species are on the Royal Horticultural Society's 'Perfect for Pollinators' list. 

Why are Beebombs important and how do they help? 

We aim to #bringthebeesback to Ireland. A third of Irish bees are facing extinction by 2030. Beebombs are an easy way to help redress the balance. 

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How do I scatter my Beebombs? 

Just throw your Beebombs onto cleared ground and await your meadow. Each Beebomb contains a range of species and will thrive as long as they have some sun and some rain. 

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What seeds are in my Beebombs?

Please see each product page for details on the various seeds contained in the products. For more detailed information on the seeds in your Beebombs, please see the Our Seeds page.

Will Beebombs work in pots and planters? 

Absolutely. Its a good controlled environment so just stick to a couple of basic rules. Wildflowers prefer low nutrient soils, so use soil that as low in nutrients as possible. Don't dig them in and make sure they get plenty of water and sun. 

Can I scatter my Beebombs on a lawn? 

Grass can outcompete the wildflowers so we do say it's best to scatter on cleared ground. Many people cut the grass very short and then rake over the grass well to turn over the ground. 

How long do my Beebombs keep? 

If kept cool and dry, Beebombs will lie dormant for many years. 

How do I look after my Beebombs after they’ve been scattered? 

Just wait and enjoy your new wildflower meadow. Nothing needs doing at all.